Saturday, July 30, 2011

St. Dominic pray for me

Today was my interview for my first promises (used to be called vows) for the Lay Dominican St. Catherine of Siena Chapter. I have been waiting for this moment for a long while and cannot wait for December to roll around.

These interviews are really a great reflection for me. Not only to I let them know how being a part of the Dominican Family has a great influence on me, but in turn I learn what they have seen in me with their own observations. One of the major things I have learned within the Dominican family is a great joy in loving the Lord through all trials in my life and the most important apostolic work is those that deal with family.

Speaking about family just a few moments ago I called my Granny and she informed me on the condition of my Great-Uncle, who was sent back to the hospital, they found he has an infection and he is being cared for. I am really at a lost with this, but ask for many prayers for him and the family. Guess I need to find a way up there to the hospital in the few days before I leave for Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Why to Ann Arbor, Michigan? For the great reason that there professions of first and final vows for the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist ). I know the Sisters who are going to be professing their first vows. It is so exciting to experience their vows. I know they will be happy to see not only me, but Camille as well.

Anyways, back to today so after my interview, my dear friend and sister in the Lay Dominicans, Emily took me to lunch at a new place called Milestone 229 and what a place. It has a great selection of food, wonderful service and a nice view of the new park that has a water fountains that you can walk through and get wet. It would be fun if I wasn't going to be going anywhere else. :) The prices for this place were actually reasonable and nice servings too. We got a desert and on my word, what a cake. We got a LARGE slice (see below this paragraph) and small jug of milk. Emily and I agree it is for four people to eat, not two. We had left overs of the cake and I had left overs from my pizza.

After lunch Emily and I went to the Saint Joseph's Catholic Bookstore that was going out of business and so there are many good sales. It is sad to see it leave, but sometimes little selection and not much word of mouth maybe the cause for its downfall because I know many still thought the bookstore was in the basement of the Cathedral. I got three Holy Cards and a Navy Military Cross for JR. I wish I had more money cause I would gotten more. So, where did we go next well, Emily wanted me to have an experience of a good book store.

She drove us to German Village to a book store called "The Book Loft" (The Book Loft). It is a bookstore that has thirty-six rooms (for it used to be an actually family home) with nothing, but all types of books. I would really recommend if anyone comes to Columbus, Ohio to please check this place out for not only do they have 5% off the book price (or more for some books), but it is just assorted and there are many odds and ends there too, like journals, bookmarks, puzzles, and games. I wanted to get a few books, but with no money (only what I need for dinner and movie tonight) I was unable to get them.

The books I wanted to purchase was a hard copy (no e-book) of "Just Like Heaven" by Julia Quinn, and then a few books by Georgette Heyer (1902-1974), who I can say sadly I did not know her name, but certainly I want to read her books. I wonder if the library has some of her books. Maybe, but still I would like to read her books and even better I did not know how long ago her books were written.

Well that is all. God Bless.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

How long has it been.

I think it has been far too long since my last entry, but there were reasons and just every time I felt the urge to write the entry, I would lose the words and unable to think how to explain what was going on. I mean I started six entries and deleted them all. It was just a difficult time for me, and my family really.

So, question is, what happened in those two months that caused the hiatus with writing? Well, on May 13th was going to his doctor's appointment and the doctor told him to go to the hospital because there should no reason for him to this sick. So that day my uncle was take to the hospital ER.

To put a long story short, my uncle is really bad off his bowel has explored and he was so low in nutrition he bad was shutting down. So, for the past two months he went from SICU to specialty wing to a nursing home. There are many details I am refusing to post on here because I do not have permission from my uncle and since we feel there is a Mal-practice the less amount of information posted online the better.

The worst part of it was watching him go through all this, and watching my great-grandmother cry constantly because she could nothing to be by her son as much as she wanted.

There were conflicts with his "friends" and us the family, which never helped Granny or I emotionally or mentally. I do thank God for helping me through those points of this whole event, because I really do believe I could never do this alone.

A lot of prayers were done and I think my uncle and Granny were glad I was the prayerful family member for I would pray the rosary when he was not conscience and would offer to call one of the priests I know to do the anointing the sick and help the family with prayers.

Though there are many in my family who thought I was believing he was dying, that is not true, that is not the point, but I can say that my uncle might get baptized because he wants to, but is afraid at the same time. I understand and I told him that I will do whatever he wishes, and pray for him. He cries a lot around me because I stick with him and stay all day with him (except today he wanted me to spend the day at the fair and be myself) and never gave up on him.

There were other tragedies in my life, a little two year old that I prayed for passed away July 11th, 2011. Lucas Benjamin Gibney was a little boy who I old met once, but I knew about him after he was born. He has many medical problems and his grandfather (friend of my uncle's) explained to me that the doctors really did not think he would last a year. He stuck around smiling, laughing, and learning to crawl and talk. He went through transplant surgery to only have those organs be rejected and then he got ill.

But, the most interesting thing was the day before they were going to take him off the support, he went on his own. He is now with Jesus and Mary, but what life he lived and I am ever happy to know he was alive and given us a chance to meet this happy boy, I called "Baby Luke". Obituary of Baby Luke's

These past few months I have got to do other things that had a happy note to them. I went hiking with Camille, my best friend and JR, my love and future husband. Camille and I went are own path trail and JR went his way. Camille and I got caught in the down pour rain, but it was worth it, I hiked close to ten miles that whole weekend, which was GREAT!

Another great thing was went to Cincinnati, Ohio to my anniversary with JR. It has been a tradition and I hope that every year we are able to go back. We went to the Hyde Park Blast (it is a block party with a bike race) and then the next day went to Mass at St. Gertrude's (that is where Fr. LaCasse, OP is pastor, he was my pastor at St. Patrick's) and then went to King's Island (which I LOVE riding THE BEAST, I am really my Daddy's girl). The best part of the whole weekend was being with JR.

Fourth of July events were different, because I was unable to go to my hometown fireworks (had to work) and that upset me, but I got to see them from the parking lot of my work. I did go to Red, White, and BOOM with JR, Camille, Sean (Camille's brother), Kiya, Triston, Amber, Jessica, Katelynn, Mom, Aunt Tina, Uncle Terry, and other family members. It was great, but hot as hell.

Speaking of heat, have I ever wrote how much I cannot stand summer heat? Well I do and when I was at the Franklin County Fair I was so unhappy for it was SO HOT! I mean it got up to 96 but felt like 100. I get sick, boy how sick I got afterwards, but I go to the fairs cause they are really one of the few things I would go to in the summer.

What else have I done, well I did finally experience the Summer Film Series by CAPA

Well, that should be it for now, I just wanted to write a summary of what went on. Hopefully I will be more detailed and hopefully I will write more often.

God Bless,