Thursday, September 29, 2011

Archangels and Birthday....

It is the feast day of the Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. I know more about Saints Michael and Gabriel because of their significance in the New Testament, Saint Raphael I have yet to read the Angel involvement in the Bible. I am still a baby Catholic and to learn is a great for me for me to know God and His love for me, I learn from His Saints. To learn more about these three please I recommend going to this site: Archangels' Information/Biography

Twenty-two years ago a little boy was born. That little boy is now a over six foot young man who is trying to find his way in the world. His is my little brother, Ryan. I cannot believe how old he is, but that could be because I can see him other than my little brother. I know I have not been the best older sister, but then again we were two people who coped with a horrible past together. I know I have finally come through the ordeal, but he on the other is stuck in my opinion in his lost childhood. He needs confidence and prayers.

So, I have two presents for him: a DVD (which I will get sometime this weekend) and prayers. I ask all of you who read this blog post to please pray for my little brother, Ryan. I only hope that this year his birthday will be a start of a better year.

God Bless,

Something I thought of while watching television

Many know that the paranormal is something I love, though I do not believe or feel the same as many in the field. I for one believe in the idea of a ghost being someone either in purgatory, reminding others to pray for their soul as they pray for ours and that some boil down to demons trying to make you believe they are innocent ghosts/spirits. Anyways, there is a group that I watch a lot because I like how they approach many of their cases.

TAPS or as many see on television "Ghost Hunters" are of the mindset that you must disprove a haunting. In turn that makes sense, you cannot just sit there watch a curtain moving and instantly say, "that was a ghost" when in actuality it was the vent system kicking in. So why am I wanting to write about this...well I was watching one of the episodes from 2010 and noticed something that bugged me a lot.

They were revealing to the client the evidence collected, but also letting the client know some things that could be explained if something like that happens again to look for. TAPS in my opinion has never sat there and said, "This is what really happened so those who experienced the event; they are liars or just stupid". No, they never experienced the event first-hand, but what they are trying to do is help so that people are not jumpy at ever creak.

Anyways, so they were explaining about a door shutting. Grant Wilson was explaining what he noticed about the door's location and the fact there is an open window inside the room. The client literally in my opinion sounded rude saying, "No, the door actually SLAMMED shut". First off, Grant was just giving you an alternative thing to think about if it happens again.

This client showed me something that I could not help but be peeved about. You cannot honestly sit there and believe every last bit of paranormal evidence out there because you want your place to considered haunted, and there are many who are like that. This person wasn't wanting to look at things with a logical thought, they wanted to know that their location was haunted.

I cannot stand that, but then again it is just like miracles, we wish to believe that when a person claims it was a miracle by a certain person who they asked to intercede for them; suddenly they are healed. I cannot say that I have not at one time fell into that, but there is something I want to explain.

The Church looks at miracles just like TAPS looks at a "haunted" location. We cannot just believe on a whim that something just happens in a miracle that could be explained in a logical manner. We must in turn look at miracles logical and try to disprove them and if the Church nor we its members can, than it is a miracle, just like with TAPS, until they cannot disprove the haunt will it be considered haunted.

I believe in miracles, but I believe them to be divine, where no science or logical explanation that be determined. For those who understand the pain-staking task of opening and moving a cause for person to Sainthood in the Catholic, knows the difficulties of miracles being proven. But, truly this post was for me to explain the lovely thing I noticed while watching "Ghost Hunters".

God Bless,

PS: More updates soon!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In the Navy (well not me)

I wanted to write on Monday, but I was either too tired or too excited to write really anything. Yesterday my fiance swore into the Navy. I cannot tell you how excited and relieved I am. He has worked so much and long to join the Navy. I truly believe St. Michael and the other Saints that I ask for intercessions helped JR to be encouraged to not give up on his enlistment. Please keep JR in your prayers as he prepares for his journey in the Navy.

Just like Friday, today it is raining, and they said it would be light showers, when I walked downstairs it was pouring...sometimes the weather just doesn't listen to the weatherman. Also today I got to talk to my friend, Camille who has been trying to get a hold of me. We talked a good while as she updated me on what was up with her life. Keep her in your prayers though, she got injured and going through recovery.

This past Sunday was anniversary of the dedication of St. Patrick's Church in Columbus, Ohio; 158 years old on September 25th. It is amazing that the parish has been around for 158 years. And the history behind the parish is amazing. Did any of you know that the parish was one time where the Bishop of the Diocese of Columbus resided? It was up until St. Joseph's Cathedral was built. It is not the oldest parish in Columbus, Ohio (that title goes to Holy Name, if I am not mistaken).

Yesterday something interesting happened to me at work, a co-worker of mine said she saw Darrell's picture on facebook. I was thinking, 'how?' and certainly I learned the answer to this question. Sunday while I was sleeping I was awoken to sounds in Darrell's room, multiple voices. I had no clue who else was in his room. I found out after actually opening my door and walking past the room it was Darrell's friend, Bob and Bob's two boys. You see Bob took a picture of Darrell and his boys and then uploaded it on Facebook. It was kind of funny when people came up to me at work saying to me, "I do not have a facebook, but my friend who does saw Darrell's picture on there".

My great-uncle is well known through Hilliard by the older residents (those who lived here before 2000). I went on Bob's facebook, and read all the comments that were posted and so many of them were of those who knew Darrell as a child-teenager. I do not know if Darrell knows that his picture with the boys are on facebook. At least people see he is alive and on recovery.

That is all for now.

God bless,

Friday, September 23, 2011

Rainy First Day of Autumn plus More

It is raining, go figure on the first day of what I consider the start of my season (which is Autumn into early Spring). But, that doesn't bug too much because normally it is during the start of the season that it rains a lot.

Yesterday, with many thanks to a friend, Trevor (who picked me up from my house) I went with the Saint Patrick's 20s Group to visit the Julibee Museum run by Holy Family Catholic Church and their Pastor, Fr. Lutz. As I have never been to the Museum before I was very glad that I had the chance to go.

It was amazing, to be in the presence of such much history of the Catholic Church. The Museum itself was historic as it was the former Holy Family High School. Each room was dictated to a subject, Nun's Room, Bible Room, Pope's Room (which has a jewel that Mary, Queen of Scotland wore, pretty cool), and etc. In whole I wish we had more time at the Museum where I could hear more stories about each object, but just really to look at the pieces themselves.

I did talk to Fr. Lutz about a few things since Camille's Paper on the 1930 Fire at the Ohio State Pen was in the Museum is he knew if the Museum had a copy of "Hero Priest", he did not believe so, but told me to write him a note of all I knew of the book and he would help look for a copy. He, too, was opt to the idea of opening a cause for Fr. O'Brien, OP. I am very excited, but must keep praying.

St. Padre Pio

Today is the feast day of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina (photo above) or as he is famously known, Padre Pio. He was one of the many Saints I encountered when I was going through RCIA. I knew only little about him, as in a DVD I watched about his life. As in reading material, very little of that because I had no books on him in my library (still do not, need to find an actually good book about him, any recommendations). Padre Pio Biography this website has a great biography of Padre Pio.

I think of the things that attracted me to Padre Pio was how the devil was always attacking him, in this day and age we forget that some things that are happening to us especially bad are the work of devil trying to force us away from God. My constant nightmares before my baptism are factors of the attacks I know I received from the devil. Thanks to the intercession of Saint Joseph to the Lord, I have not had a dream that caused me to scream, "I do not wish to be Catholic".

Lastly, I wanted to write something because I received emails from comments on livejournal, it seems that many think I am forgetting about those injustice of African-Americans. If you remember my lost posting that dealt with this issue I had mention the poor injustice of a man named Troy Davis. I pointed out that he was being put to death, which he was yesterday for being a cop killer and how I did not feel that people should honestly put the race card on this issue.

Well there was a person who commented that there is a higher amount of African-American men being put to Death. I cannot sit here and tell you that is a lie, because I know it is not, but what I am trying to speak about is there was an injustice on part because they dubbed this poor MAN a cop-killer. I believe the injustice was there, but for more reasons than he was African-American.

Now, I know most people who then say that I hated African-Americans that I do not know the injustice done upon, that I did not care. That is not true, I see and hate what has been done to them for they never deserved, but I put a question upon you all, will everyone just fight for an African-American man, or will you fight for the injustice of MEN who are put on DEATH ROW?

God Bless,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saint Thomas of Villianova, Father of the Poor

I knew I could never get away with just writing one post without finding something else to write about, oh well, hopefully the poor readers will forgive me for my constant writing. I thought I should write something about a Saint who I wrote down as today being his feast day (but online it says September 18th, I need to research more, but I am certain that it is today). This being said today I am going to write a few quotes by the Saint, who is Thomas of Villianova, a Augustian (I think I spelled that correctly).

"What does a poor friar like myself want with furniture." -his explanation on why he gave the furniture he was given to a hospital.

"If there are people who refuse to work, that is for the authorities to deal with. My duty is to assist and relieve those who come to my door." -his explanation for why he constantly helped those who knocked at his door.

Saint Thomas of Villianova is considered as one of the "Father of the Poor".

God bless,

Early Morning

I am wide awake and it is going to be 5am and I have to say that I have no idea why I am still awake. First I want to post this link: Three Books That Changed My Life this is my livejournal, which I normally do not post that much since I have blogger now. But, I do post when I post something on here or my automatic twitter posts as they are called are on there.

While I was on Livejournal I was reading a friend's post about Troy Davis, who I only knew of today from watching the news (which because I barely watch secular media). My view on Death Penalty are of a pro-life view, but what trigger me to write about this was something she said, that why the state still went through it was because he was black.

I know I am white female Catholic, but I am tired of that card being the excuses of things. Truly there are many factors of this event, but it was not simply because he was black, no they dubbed him a cop-killer, and normally just like a sex offender that wheither you are innocent you are put under that rose color lens.

I ask that all those who read my blog to please pray for his soul and his family, but also the victim's soul and his family for they all need the prayers. This event should bring us to promote peace, justice and the idea that life is precious that murdering someone doesn't truly change the outcome of the crime that was committed, but to teach forgiviness and the criminal acknowledging their guilt and wanting to forgiviness now that is what we should push for.

God Bless,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rainy Wednesday

Today is the feast day of Saint Matthew, who in fact is one of my favorite Saints. But, why would I love the tax collector? Other than the Gospel of Matthew, he is the tax collector who followed Jesus, he was a sinner and yet he heard the call by Jesus.

I found with many of the Saints that I pray to are ones who show conversion or even complete faithfulness to just listen to the call. So, this is the little prayer that I said on this rainy wednesday: Saint Matthew, pray for me and for those who are just wanting to hear the Lord's call.

So, it is raining, but that is what you get during the Autumn season, which will be offically here on Friday. Once Autumn offically begins I consider it my season, but my season doesn't end until mid-Spring. Certainly it is because I cannot live in warmer weather because I actually get ill, which was proven today with no way of cooling my room, I woke up in sweat and then my stomach just would not settle for nothing. JR told me to pray to Saint Charles Borrowmeo (spelled his last name incorrectly), for he is the patron saint of stomach pains.

I am sorry that I am blogging so much, it is just this a rarity to have internet long enough to write down something. Hopefully I will blog again soon, maybe not today, but tomorrow or sometime soon. One thing before I end this entry, the book I am reading "Dominican Preaching in the St. Joseph Providence" I have started writing down some quotes by the sermons I have read in the past few days. Hopefully I will be done reading the book soon and hopefully will write down on this blog the quotes and my thoughts on the the quotes.

God Bless,

Lion King in Movie Theatres

So, yesterday (yes since it is almost 3am) my fiance, JR and I went to see Lion King in 3D. I did not care so much about it being in 3D as most people would got nuts about, in fact the only thing I cared about is seeing the movie in a movie theatre. The last time I saw it on a big screen was when I was little and it was in a drive-in theatre, which was great in my opinion.

One of the things I forgotten was how much symbolism this movie had on me, but how Disney in the 90s really had young adult to adult themes in their movies and yet we as kids never looked at it that way. I told JR that I was holding back my tears during a few scenes.

One of those scenes was after Mufasa scolded Simba for disobeying him and they look up at the night sky and Mufasa tells Simba how the stars are the old Kings that look upon them. (Picture above is that scene)The heart-wrenching moment was when Mufasa said, "They are looking down upon you as will I" (I am not sure if I quoted that correctly). It reminded me of how my grandmother Jackie was towards me at the end of her days, reminding me that she would never leave me alone.

Another scene was when Simba was looking at his reflection and looks up to see the clouds turn into the shape of a lion who turns out to be his father. The part that made me cry was, "You have forgotten me"/"No, how could I"/"You do not know who you are, and so, you have forgotten me". That little part brought me to understand my Christian faith how there are many who have forgotten who they are, God's Children and so they have truly forgotten God, even though they claim they never have and kept to his law.

The last one is when Simba finds Mufasa dead. You watch as Simba tries to awaken his father, by pulling his ear and pushing at him. It is until Simba learns that his father is dead that he cries and cuddles against his father's lifeless body. It struck a cord of how I truly could not believe that my grandmother Jackie was dead, and when I saw her in the coffin, I wanted to crawl in there and lay next to her, because I wanted her comfort even when she was dead.

Death is horrible thing to experience, but what most of us do not understand is that Death is the commerical and that morning the physical lost is never a bad thing (it shows compassion of those you love), but do not dwell on upon it for you would forget the life and joy of when you see them again.

There are many other scenes that trigger my mind and make me tear up, but I wanted to vocalize those three because they seem very close to my heart and soul.

God Bless,

Just give me a few moments

I could not think of a good title for this entry, so I thought that one up on a guess it would be interesting. I have not written in a few days and that would be probably I have had no Internet and kicking it in high gear with trying to sleeping as much as I can.

This past Sunday I decided to get three books out from the parish's library all about the Saint Joseph's Providence of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans). I have started to read, "Dominican Preaching of the Saint Joseph's Providence" which is a book of sermons that have been saved, because as the author of this book, Fr. Burke, OP explains many of the Dominicans did not have time to just write these words down at times. I cannot give you all a great and detailed review of this book, but hopefully after I finish reading the book, I will be able to write a review for you all to read.

In other news I have been working on trying to get something re-printing or for that matter re-published. Hopefully with the help of Fr. Gregory, OP one of the associate pastors of St. Patrick's, this can happen. If you all are wondering, what book are you speaking of? Here is my answer, the book is titled, "Hero Priest" it is a biography of a priest named Fr. Albert O'Brien, OP who died 1933.

Fr. Albert O'Brien, OP

Fr. Albert O'Brien, OP Here is an article that was written in 2009 that started all of this really for me. The more I learned about him through his biography and through the articles the more I felt that his cause should be opened. So, I was hoping that if I got the biography which was written by his Dominican Brother only two years after his death that it would help establish the cause to be opened, but I must allow the Holy Spirit to work His wonderful work through the heart of the Church to acknowledge this humble friar as a Saint through the Church. But, my deepest hope that in my lifetime Fr. Albert O'Brien will be a Blessed. Keep his cause in your prayers.

One of the last things I wanted to post is a few blog entries that I thought were interesting and needed to be shared to you all:

1. My God this article was written by a Dominican Brother at the House of Studies, which I must tell you is nice to have Dominicana online.

2. Prayers to End Abortion entry written on the Order of Preachers Vocation Blog check it out!

3. Article that I read from CatholicVote about Meatless Fridays for the Catholics in Britain: Meatless Fridays in Britain

Well that is all from me, right now, don't worry I will write more as it comes to me in later posts.

God Bless,

Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Thoughts

Today would have been my great-grandfather's 90th birthday and though I hardly knew him, I know so many stories and tales about him, that he truly seems like he has always been around me. I think that is where my faith really helps for I know he is around me, he has never left us spiritually.

There is in the living room (because I live with my great-grandmother and great-uncle) that is called to this day: Dad's Chair, the most comfortable chair in my opinion and that was the chair if I ever posted more photos you would see him sleeping in.

There are days in this house where I can feel something around me, especially in my room, but normally I know that it is my relatives who have gone on who are praying for me, they are letting me know they are around, but interesting enough I sleep in the room where my great-grandfather died.

One more little thing about my great-grandfather that is funny to tell and hopefully my great-uncle will not be unhappy that I post this story up, but anyways, when my Pappy was really ill and my great-uncle came back to live with his parents to help he gave his dad a cow bell and told him to ring it if he needed anything. No sooner that my great-uncle was in bed that he heard this cow bell and shot upstairs only to find out that his dad "wanted to see if it worked". :D Truly one of the great stories of Pappy.

In other news, my hand is still killing me, it is not as swollen, but it hurts even when I am typing (but I cannot help but type, let alone just use one hand). I have not went to the doctors because I have little time and no money to get it checked and my insurance is not the greatest, so I do not want another bill to pay. So, I am going to wrap it up again and ice it and just take Advil or whatever for awhile.

Yesterday was my first time ever going to Saint Patrick's 20s Group without my fiance and that was truly different. It was not greatest feeling sitting there in Holy Hour and know that my fiance was home and not beside me praying in the Real Presence.

20s Group was having a catechists night on the Nature of Virtues and Vices, which actually was a good discussion. When we got into the Nature of Vices (Sin really) we got onto topic about how do our Protestant Brothers and Sisters view this (which a few of the group members are converts from Protestantism) and then the reasons with Confession being a part of our Christian faith.

I actually can say I spoke a lot last night especially when we talked about Confession, but also about forgiveness.

Well, I believe that is all I wanted to write about, but thought I should write something, plus I need to work my right hand to get use to the pain.

God Bless,

PS: Please pray for the repose of the soul of my great-grandfather, Raymond and pray for my family as we are improving since everything with my great-uncle.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Death and my vocation to the Dominican Laity

This morning while I was taking in the little Internet time I could get I read an entry from one of the blogs that helped me reflect something about myself. So please hopefully this entry will not seem weird or anything.

There are a few places I would love to be any day of the week, these places are: Mass, With my fiance, in a cozy place with a book, and a cemetery. Why a cemetery? It might sound weird for you all, but for me it is where I can pray for those who are forgotten and need the prayers to help them through purgatory, to help them pray for their loved ones who have not been able to accept their passing, and to ask them to pray for me.

My Catholic faith has been a big part of this love I have for the dead, for before I became Catholic, I hated death, I felt it was a punishment for me to have taken away those who I loved or others loved. But in actuality, God never wants us punished, no He wishes us to be with Him. In my opinion only, I believe God reminds us to turn to Him because all are His children and so we all will be together with Him.

Another big part is the Dominican Order, and this where a wonderful blog post by Br. Ambrose Mary Little, OP (To Die Like A Dominican), helped with this reflection, for study was not the only reason I felt the call to the Dominican Order. Prayer was a huge thing as well in my decision to join the Laity Order.

And because of this my determination to be an historian has a new meaning now, the dead are the gateways of understanding our past, and so it is my goal and wish that they never be forgotten, for they lived and loved as we do now.

If you ever wish to find me especially this coming month and next month, look for a cemetery, especially really old ones, and you might see a young woman with a rosary in hand rubbing the beads through her fingers, and that would be me.

God Bless,

PS. I know this was an awful post, but it is really early and I just wanted to post this because it would not leave me be, sometimes I consider that the Holy Spirit telling me to share the fruits of my contemplation (Dominican Motto). Either way hopefully some of you will understand and maybe you might give some feedback of what you think of death.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mary's Birthday and Life

Yesterday was the birthday of Mary, Mother of God. As Fr. Michael, OP said in his homily last night, "There are only three birthdays that the Church celebrates" and those three are: Jesus' Birthday, John the Baptist's Birthday, and Mary's. While the absolute important is our Lord and Savior's birthday, the other two are important as well.

To celebrate this joyous occasion the group I am apart of, Saint Patrick's Twenties Group decided to have a birthday party for Mary. So, after Mass (which is normally Adoration for the group) the group went to Patrick Hall to celebrate, with cake and ice cream. We had games and socializing, which I think next time I need to bring more board games for others to play. I think it truly was success for the group, a nice size came to the little meeting/party and I for once talked and socialize, which I lack the confidence for at times.

But, why celebrate this birthday, many would ask me or any practicing Catholic. There is always a simple answer for me, she is our spiritual Mother. I could not imagine not celebrating my own Mother's birthday. It is not to say how old they are really, for Mothers a birthday should be to honor their life and honor that they were born to birth us. But that would be my answer, others would have more in-depth answer and quite possibly I could have an in-depth answer, but I feel that a simple one does much justice.

As I mention in the post title, I was not only to write about Mary's Birthday, but also on how life is going for me. Life, sometimes I feel drained out of my wits and feel I am losing much of the ground I conquered in becoming a better person, I ask if anyone who reads this blog, please pray for me. I certainly need it, for I love the person I have become through wonders of understanding how much God's Love is for me.

Thank you and God bless,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Hail, Holy Queen" Briefly noted

For the past week, I have been reading "Hail, Holy Queen" by Scott Hahn, I was looking around Barnes&Noble and noticed this and it reminded me of the retreat I was at on July 31st with the Dominican Laity Chapter I am apart of. I am currently on page 127 in the book. To add a bonus, I suggested this to a book club group I am apart of (that consent of friends from Saint Patrick's Twenties Group) and so hopefully on the fourteenth of this month we will be discussing this book.

Why am I writing, well for the sake of writing, but also because I want to write about what I have been reading about Mary, Mother of God. It sounds funny that Mary is one of those issues that many protestants have beef more so than they do other things. I, coming from a background where religion was not really addressed in my household, I did not have a problem with the Virgin Mary being honored or deemed as my Mother.

"Hail, Holy Queen" is based on Scripture as the key defense of honoring Mary, but also adding historical reference by Early Christians and Church Fathers. "In truth, the Church gives her honor and veneration as the greatest of saints, while reserving adoration and worship for God alone" (Page 112) Examples of what many consider "worship of Mary" would be the following: The Rosary, considering her a Queen of Heaven.

The Rosary in retrospect is the easiest to defend, for the Rosary itself is the life of Jesus through His Mother's eyes, since she was with him from his conception. We say the words that the angel said to Mary when greeting her, "Hail, full of Grace" and what her cousin Elizabeth said, "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb". Mary, guides us through her Son's life and helps us understand what He did for us, not just for her.

It is kind of like what I tell everyone about Mary's Window (The Moon, which I learned from my godmother). The moon does not have its own light source, no the Sun shines its light on the moon, and that is then reflected down towards Earth. Well, the Sun is Jesus, the Son and the moon is Mary. Jesus shines his saving Grace upon Mary who in turn shares and shines onto us.

The Queen of Heaven is something not only Scott Hahn discussed in his book, but Fr. Thomas, OP spoke of at the retreat. You see, in my cultures and most especially the Israelites culture the King ruled with his Mother, known as the Queen Mother. Mary is the Mother of Jesus, so if he is ruling the Kingdom of Heaven his Mother is with Him as Queen Mother. I would like to quote a few paragraphs in "Hail, Holy Queen":

"Consider the following scene from early in Solomon's reign: "So Bathsheba went to King Solomon, to speak to him on behalf of Adonijah. And the king rose to meet her, and bowed down to her; then he sat on his throne, and had a seat brought for the king's mother; and she sat on his right" (I Kgs 2:19)....First, his power and authority are in no way threatened by her. He bows to her, but he remains the monarch. She sits at his right hand, no vice versa....Mary approaches her son to intercede for the people--just as Bathsheba spoke to Solomon on behalf of Adonijah. Mary counsels her son about the matter at hand; yet she counsels others to obey Him and not her. Jesus, then, speaks to His mother as her superior; yet He defers to her suggestion." (Pages 80-83)

I truly believe Scott Hahn does an amazing job as far I have read of giving cause of the Church Teachings on Mary to be valid and honored by the faithful. I thought I should write briefly of what I was reading at the time and thought it would be nice to write something on my blog.

Until next time, God Bless,