Monday, January 9, 2012

20s Group: Year of Growing

As Camille summed it up yesterday about 20s Group, "the first year of the group was a year of learning, it is now a year and this is the year of growing". And personally I believe she is correct in this assumption. It has been close to a year since the group was founded and yes we are still small, we knew this was a learning process for all of us.

20s Group CORE team meeting went well, pretty much we focused on trying to outreach to other 20-something/Young Adult groups in the diocese, but also outreach in other ways, like contacting St. Gabriel's Catholic Radio 820AM and seeing if they could help us in our growth as a group.

With that being said we discussed that we must not try to get our PGC (Protect God's Children) done, that way we can volunteer and then interact with soon-to-be graduating High School Seniors and see if they would like to look into coming to some of the meetings. I think there will be interest, if we outreach.

Which to my joy I have started a little by contacting or really speaking to someone I know who is working for 820AM and hopefully with many prayers something will happen.

Another thing we did focus on was how we need as a group attain more long-term goals and not short-term. As our president stated, "I don't want anyone to get burned out." It is true we haven't really looked into long-term goals at all. I am hoping with some ideas I did send our President and another team member there will be some goals.

Please everyone keep the Saint Patrick's 20s Group in your prayers. Our Year of Growing begins....

Ms. Nikita, OP

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