Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow begins

As those from 20s Group were leaving St. Patrick's to go to Tommy's we recieved a nice surprise (well I consider it a surprise) it began to snow. That really helped lighten the mood, but also the situations.

Finally making it to Tommy's which was the 20s Group first time meeting there. It was fun actually and I can say even with the snow we got there at a good time and left at 9:21pm, I believe.

It was when leaving Tommy's that Eileen and Camille began a little snowball fight with what snow they could pack together. Us three girls were laughing, I was actually laughing.

Thank you Lord for the snow!

It is 8:23am and it is snowing still, but it is to be stopping soon. My area probably got about maybe two inches or three. Which is not at all bad and it looks for my area the city really salted the roads well. So, everyone from Ohio please be safe driving, just remember give yourself time.

God Bless,
Ms. Nikita, OP

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