Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Tuesday in a nutshell

I slept the whole day away pretty much, which is never good for me because then I will want to stay up all night and that never helps the sleeping pattern I need at the moment.

What I wanted to do today was work on a novel that I have been working on in my mind really, for the past three weeks. I have written maybe a paragraph or so of it, but that doesn't stop the hope I will actually finish this story. It might not be this year, but I hope to have a majority of done. I will keep everyone updated on the progress of this story on my writing blog that I have with deviant, but I might if I need to use a site that I know to post pieces or the whole thing on to get people's reactions, but I am unsure. Keep it in your prayers.

Another thing I wanted to do was read, I have new books in the collection and I would really like to read them.  My only hope is that I can read more than twelve books this year, because it would help reach my goal of beating my Daddy (will never happen, but can always hope). If anyone really wants to know, I am hoping to reach President John Adams, for he read close to 8,000 books in his lifetime. I really want to do the same or at least get close.

One more thing I wanted to do was call back my friend who called me while I was at work. I felt so bad that I could of gotten to talk to her and I wanted to call her, but of course I slept. Ah, hopefully before I go to work I will give her a ring.

A few hours ago JR and I had our date night which was a home-cooked meal, something JR found called, "Pepped Up Chicken". We tweaked it a little bit, but otherwise wonderfully good. We watched "State Fair" a 1945 movie that is one of my favorite Rodger and Hammerstein musical.

Now, I am right now watching episodes of "Once Upon A Time" on Hulu. I am finding it to be interesting, I am hoping to be up-to-date with this series. Too bad I cannot work at 10pm, so I can see this show more often.

God Bless,

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