Wednesday, January 25, 2012

March for Life Trip

I want to first apologize for not writing in my blog as often as I promised. There are just days where thoughts will not form onto the screen. Plus, I hate to complain and vent only with each entry. For those who read this blog, thank you for sticking around. Personally, I have no idea why people read this blog, but thank you either way.

This past weekend Camille and I went to the March for Life 2012 in Washington DC. We left on Friday because I, myself cannot go to DC without visiting the museum and visiting my boys (I will explain that later). We were worried that the trip getting there would be a little difficult because of the snow storm that passed through, but alas with God’s wonderful Love and a lot of salt trucks it was a decent drive.

So for the first two days we spent touring DC area, Friday was touring what we could of Alexandria, Virginia which if anyone gets the chance, go visit Alexandria, beautiful “Old Town” is just an amazing place to be. We decided while on this trip to visit at least one local restaurant and it was in Alexandria that we found a great joint.

It is called Bugsy’s Restrurant and Sports Bar. I highly recommend the place if you are in the DC area. Plus, I will post more about it in my ‘Local Eats’ blog. After eating and touring the city of Alexandria, Camille and I headed off to our hotel.

It was on Sunday that started the March for Life events, with the Vigil Mass for Life at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. You actually got good seats, in the middle section in the Upper Church. One of the biggest things about this Vigil Mass is you have to get there EARLY, because it reaches the limits of maybe 5,000-10,000+ people cramming in to be participate of this Mass. And you have to wait awhile, about five hours+ until the Mass even begins.

It was beautiful to see so many young people (young teenagers to around my age) participating in this Vigil, but also standing for LIFE, from conception to natural death. Right before the Mass began I found, well Camille found them first was a religious community whom are from the Central Ohio area. The Children of Mary, is a very contemplative community. They are small community, but growing, hailing from Newark, Ohio. Camille and I were able to provide them seats with us. So, I finally knew someone at the National Shrine, whom I knew I could talk to.

Also whom we met at the Vigil was Teresa Tomeo, a radio talk show host, but also author of “Extreme Makeover” a book on how women are victimized by culture and how to conform to Christ. I had met her briefly at the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference, but because she was a main speaker, a lot of women wished to meet her and so, I never really spoke that much to her. But, on Sunday she was at the National Shrine signing books (which I forgot mine at home in Columbus), but she was kind enough to take a picture with Camille and I.

When Mass finally began the procession itself took either almost or over thirty minutes with all the Seminarians, Religious Novices, Deacons, Priests, Bishops, and Archbishops. It was long, but how AMAZING and WONDERFUL it was to experience. The homilist was His Eminence, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, the Archbishop of Galveston-Huston; his homily was beautiful and direct on why we were there, to protect LIFE, to give a voice to those who are voiceless.

Camille and I finally left from the hotel and got back about 11pm. The next morning was to be the big day, to practice our rights to protest. We were told it would be thunderstorms on the day of the March. But, I knew from the past experiences that I have come to the March, thunderstorms would not stop us from marching up to the Supreme Court. But, what happens it rains for a little bit, but no thunderstorms. That did not happen until when Camille and I were leaving DC area.

We decided to stick around the Dominican Friars, since one Camille and I were representing the Lay Dominican St. Catherine of Siena chapter at the March, but also because we were hoping to meet up with Saint Patrick’s Parish and Fr. Gregory said they would be around the Dominican Friars. I like marching with the Dominican Friars, the one year I went alone, I had no idea who anyone was and felt that it was my family I wanted to be around as I marched, so I found the Friars.

As the March finally began I was excited, and joyful to be a voice for LIFE. One thing I can tell you about this protest, there is no anger that I ever felt when marching, no I feel joy and when I march. The news media doesn’t want happiness they want anger, they (media) is up for a buzz of HATRED, this MARCH is for LOVE!

It is difficult to explain my feelings and thoughts while on the March, but I think sometimes pictures speak my voice and all those who came to the March this year.

God Bless,
Ms. Nikita, OP


J.R. said...

Dear, you have a very beautiful way of describing your experiences! it sounded like a wonderful trip. Although I have a distaste for large crowds, it sounds like I must go at least once! I would like to go next year!

Laura said...

I'm so glad that you got to go to the March for Life and had a great time in Washington, D.C.! I've always wanted to attend a March for Life but I've not gotten the opportunity. The sight of all of those people must be amazing. Good for you for standing up for life!